Anime at Tumwater High School


Ella Jimenez

Anime, a style of animation originating from Japan, has a distinct style with strong linework. Recently, there has been a major boom in its popularity, with more anime being added to mainstream websites like Netflix and Hulu. There are many different types of anime, ranging from action, adventure, romantic, and more; there’s an anime for everyone! Although there is some stigma surrounding anime and the people who watch it, it’s actually not very different from a normal TV show or movie (but with a cool animation style)!


One Freshman at Tumwater High School, Violet Puleo, has been watching anime since she was 10 years old. She describes it as something that is “fun to watch, but when you get into it and it’s over, it tends to break your heart”. She says she’s watched around 5 animes, and has more on her watchlist. Her favorites are Haikyuu! and Baku No Hero Academia, and also suggests that readers watch The 7 Deadly Sins and Attack on Titan (all can be found on Netflix) because “they teach you how to see everything that is going on all at once!” Hopefully Violet’s interest in the wonderful world of anime continues on.


Another student, CJ Armstrong, a senior at THS, also thoroughly enjoys anime. He was introduced to anime at a young age, but really got into it at the start of high school. He estimates that he’s watched 70+ animes in his life! His favorite genres are Action and Slice of Life, and his favorites are Hunter x Hunter and FLCL. For newer fans of anime, he recommends short, action-packed shows. CJ reminds readers of a very truthful statement: “Anime has something for everyone. If you haven’t found the right show for you, you just haven’t looked hard enough.” 


In a poll conducted with 44 Tumwater High School student responses, it was found that 61% of students have watched anime, while only 41% are avid watchers. While Netflix is the most popular, other sites are used by THS students to watch anime, such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and KissAnime (a free anime site which is no longer available). When asked how they would describe anime, students responded by saying it is “fun and adventurous”, “colorful”, “exciting”, and especially “pog”. The most loved and highly recommended animes by students are Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, and Attack on Titan.


In the same survey, there were also negative responses regarding student’s thoughts on anime. Some responses described anime as “weird” or “stupid”. While there was much more positive feedback than negative, there seems to be some stigma around anime and it’s viewers, who are often ridiculed for being “weebs” or “weeaboos” (meaning those who are obsessed with Japanese culture). While strange things do exist in small parts of the community, anime is mostly the same as any other type of television. What sets anime apart is it’s Japanese origin and it’s unique animation style. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying anime, just like there’s nothing wrong with enjoying other genres of media that are out there. Although there may be stigma around it, anime is slowly becoming normalized in our society. Popular celebrities, such as Lil Uzi Vert and Megan Thee Stallion, have even started opening up about their love for anime. Don’t be afraid to give it a watch and be open about what you like!


There are many different animes out there to watch, so it might be hard to find one that a new watcher would want to dedicate their time to. Here are some Netflix recommendations:



Death Note:

An ambitious high school student comes across a notebook, which he later discovers will take the life of the person with the name written. He uses this in order to cleanse the world of wrong-doers. 


Sword Art Online:

In the near future, a sword-based game is released that allows the player to control their in-game character using their mind, allowing them to enter another world. 




Your Lie in April:

A prodigy pianist has never been able to play the piano since his mom died, until he meets a violin player that changes his outlook.

A Silent Voice:

This movie is based around a young deaf girl who is bullied at her new school and eventually transfers out. Years later, one of her tormentors attempts to make amends.