Top 3 Favorite Christmas Presents

Vanessa Pizana, Staff Writer

Every year on December 25th, several of us celebrate Christmas. On this joyous day, we receive presents from our loved ones, and create special memories. After interviewing a freshman, a sophmore, a junior, and a senior, they weredelighted to share with me their top three favorite Christmas presents that they have received throughout the entirety of their lifetimes.

Senior Chalyce Kaelin wanted a Wii for Christmas when she was younger. When I asked her the top three favorite Christmas presents she has received in her lifetime, Chalyce didn’t hesitate to tell me her Wii, heated blanket, and jewelry, specifically her rings. Her second favorite would have to be her heated blanket that she got from her parents and sisters. Lastly, Chalyce opened up to me about how sentimental jewelry is to her, especially the rings that she gets from her family, also.

 When chatting with junior Mckenzie Morris she was delighted to tell me that her top three favorite Christmas gifts she had ever received were her Pitbull, her phone, and a necklace that she received from her aunt and uncle. Her Pitbull Abel, was a very special gift from her dad. She wanted this specific dog for a very long time. She was so shocked and happy when she received it on Christmas day! Next is her phone, Mckenzie explained to me that she was so excited when she got her first phone from her mom, She felt so cool, due to the fact everyone else had one, already. Lastly is her necklace she received from her aunt and uncle, this piece of jewelry is something very sentimental to her because it was something they picked out just for her. 

 Kira Grywusiewicz, who is a sophomore, has an expensive taste which most likely explains why her top three favorite Christmas gifts have been her Ariana Grande signed album, Cartier love bracelet and rings, and her Pandora bracelet and ring. Kira is a big fan of Ariana Grande. So when  she was given by her parents a signed copy of Arianas new album,Positions, she was very shocked about it. Her parents also got her a Cartier love bracelet and ring, which she had been wanting for years and it’s very sentimental to her and one of her top three favorite Christmas presents because she will cherish it forever, because it’s from her parents. Lastly is her Pandora bracelet and ring, which she got from her grandma Kira expressed to me that this ring will mean a lot to her for life. 

   Lastly, freshman Madi Campbell told me her top three favorite Christmas gifts are her blanket her boyfriend made for her, her Billie Eilish tickets, and her shadow box. The fact that her boyfriend made her a blanket is really significant  to her because he put a lot of time and effort into it. Billie Eilish is one of Madi’s favorite artists. When she got front row tickets to see Billie Eilish,she had so many emotions running through her head. Her shadow box with her bows, uniforms, and stuff from cheer is her favorite,also,because she has done cheer for seven-years and the box holds all of these memories. 

The holidays are a time for giving, receiving, and uniting. We all have something in common, whether it’s a love for music, art, a cozy blanket, or a Christmas with the people you love and care about. The holiday season is made for the people we love most, and the things that they graciously give our grateful hands.. At the end of the day Christmas season isn’t the same without each other and the gifts that we give.