Amazon Items You Didn’t Know You Needed Under $10


There are plenty of things that everyday people need. Typically, these items consist of vacuums, hair brushes, and plenty of other essentials. Amazon’s wide range of everyday, well-known products, to more miscellaneous and resourceful products ensures that anyone can find something they will use. This list of 10 items are some of Amazon’s less popular items, but are still incredibly creative, resourceful, and most importantly, affordable. People may be hesitant to try products that they aren’t familiar with, but the 5 star reviews on Amazon are always a reliable indicator.

1. Mini Crumb Vacuum $10.80

This mini crumb vacuum is battery powered and perfect for tabletops, and other crumb-filled surfaces. It is also user friendly because it fits in your hand comfortably, and has one simple on and off switch.

2. Bag Sealer and Cutter $7.30

This 2 in 1 mini bag sealer quickly seals and cuts plastic bags. Before sealing, preheat the bag sealer by pressing the on button for 3-5 seconds, then simply slide it along the edge of plastic bags.  

3. Mask Inserts $9.98

This silicone mask insert sits under any mask, providing more space for comfortable breathing, and prevents makeup from smearing. This food-grade silicone is also safe, washable, and reusable.

4. Scalp Massager $8.99

This scalp massager’s silicone structure makes it very lightweight, and comfortable to use. It is marketed to all hair types and textures because its bristles make your hair and scalp much cleaner, getting rid of any irritations or itchiness, and they also help with blood circulation.


5. Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder $9.69

This magnetic bobby pin holder is the perfect solution for someone who just can’t seem to keep track of their bobby pins. It’s durable, affordable, and high-functioning.


6. Cleaning Putty $8.77

This universal cleaning gel is made to clean hard to reach spaces like keyboards that other cleaning products just can’t reach. It’s made of biodegradable material, not sticky to hands, and has a pleasant fragrance of lemon.


7. iPhone Lenses $9.99

These camera lenses are the perfect addition to any iPhone. It’s 3 in 1 Phone Lens kit includes 180 degree fisheye, macro, and 120 degree wide angle lenses. This affordable clip on attachment is also very user friendly.


8. Lie Down Glasses $8.99

This product is great for preventing neck cramps or eye strain because it allows its user to lie flat on their back while reading, watching TV, or doing any other activity that they would typically do in a sitting position.


9. Corn Stripper $7.99

This corn stripper is effective on both raw, and cooked corn. It easily removes corn from the cob in one quick twisting/pushing motion. It is also dishwasher safe and compact, making it ideal for storage space.