The Undeniable Significance of Music


Ella Jimenez

Music is an important form of expression for many people. Songs can hold sentimental value for many reasons; it could have been played at a wedding or other event, it could have relatable lyrics, or it might have deep meaning for another reason. A person might have a favorite song for one of these reasons, or it might be because they think it’s especially catchy. There are many genres of music, like rock, pop, country, or jazz, and a person’s favorite genre varies person-to-person. In this article, the Tumwater Talon interviewed 5 students and staff from Tumwater High School to determine their music taste.


Okami Scheele, a senior at Tumwater High School, says her favorite genre of music is dance/electronic or “anything without lyrics”, such as “Milky Ways” by Bossfight. She also really enjoys electro-swing bops, like “Tut Tut Child” by Broadside Bordello. However, she says that her favorite song is called “Dark Darker Yet Darker” by SharaX, an Undertale Remix. This song has some sentimental value to her because she listened to it whilst watching the full eclipse in Oregon a couple years ago. While her music taste isn’t typical of students at Tumwater High School, it’s awesome to see some variety and uniqueness in our student body.

Another senior at THS, Andie Palmer, says her absolute favorite genre of music would be country; she says she grew up listening to it, so it’s like comfort music to her. She says her favorite song would be “Me on Whiskey” by Morgan Wallen; it’s her favorite because her and her boyfriend, Tyler Connell, would always sing it together in the car. Country is a fairly popular choice among our student body; with its twangy, cowboy feel, it’s understandable why it’d be so popular in a town like Tumwater! 

Andrew Lowe, a Junior at Tumwater High School, says his favorite genre of music is rap/hip-hop. In 2020, hip-hop was the most popular genre of music, so it makes sense why it is his! His favorite song, however, is “Heaven” by Kane Brown, and says that other country songs, like “My Girl” by Dylan Scott, hold sentimental value to him because he played them for girls he has dated in the past. 

Mr. Sande, a World History teacher at THS, says his favorite genre of music depends on his setting, but really loves hip-hop and dance music. He says he enjoys anything that “gets [him] motivated to move and be happy.” He says he doesn’t really have a favorite song, but one that he could always listen to would be “I Like It” by Cardi B. Songs from The Sound of Music are also extremely sentimental to him, as he says they warm his heart and are easy to sing along to. He says, “Just try staying mad while listening to them. It’s impossible.”

Mr. Price, a Biology teacher at Tumwater High School, says his favorite genre of music varies day by day. He says he enjoys music from all eras, and just enjoys seeing passion, emotion, and talent in musical artists. He plays music for his students at the beginning of class, and he says that students are often surprised by what they hear. He says, “It keeps them on their toes.” He says he doesn’t have a favorite song, but a favorite band: Radiohead. It’s a band that’s been with him throughout his entire life and are always trying new things that have never been done before. He says that one incredibly sentimental song to him would be Ben Harper’s “Not Fire, Not Ice”, because it was the song that him and his wife shared to their first dance in their wedding 16 years ago. 

Music is undeniably significant for many reasons. Every person will have a different perspective on what music means to them and how it has shaped their life. Music is something that can wildly enhance and boost a person’s daily activities, so please don’t take it for granted. What does music mean to you?