Following One’s Passion, or Following One’s Paycheck: The Struggles of Unrewarding Jobs


Rachael Gibson, Staff Writer

Going into the workforce can be a scary and intimidating step in life. One thing that everyone wants is a job that they are happy and passionate about, however sometimes it can come at a cost. With careers such as being in the arts, dancer, athletic trainer, singer and more, the pay can be very little. Even though those career paths can lead to great success and become well paying, the journey towards that can be difficult and sometimes even seem impossible.

Doing something that makes you happy is always very important. According to a DailyMail poll, nearly 74% of Americans have left their job to pursue their true passions (2018). The top three industries that people left behind were retail, hospitality, and finance. People wanted to finally be in a career that gave them a sense of purpose in a way. However, more than half of the people who were successful with their new career reported earning less money as the outcome. One thing is that people didn’t just directly dive into their new career right away. On average it took people 19 months to figure everything out and actually get started. 

Sometimes the best decision can be to slowly ease into your dream career because you really want to make sure you do everything you need that’s right for you. What most people look for in their job is flexibility, meaningful work, and self decision making. All of those are great things and can be accomplished when one puts in the effort to make their passion happen.