The Law of Attraction


Brianna Crites, Senior Editor

What is the Law of Attraction?

In the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, the Law of Attraction is defined as follows: “Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it’s attracted to you by virtue of the images we’re holding in your mind.” Bob Doyle, a Law of Attraction Specialist, puts it on more simple terms by saying “…like attracts like.” Whether you are doing so intentionally or accidentally, this law is being applied to your life on a daily basis. When you think about something enough–for example, the results you think you will receive on a test–that is the energy you are attracting into your life. This isn’t necessarily to say that if you feel badly about a test after taking it, you are attracting a bad grade; that would be taking your control out of the situation. 

The Law of Attraction places the responsibility of the individual’s future onto the individual; if you think positively about the test before taking it, and put that positive energy into studying and preparing yourself for the test, you are more likely to get a better grade. This is not to dismiss the systemic issues that can have a negative effect on the life of an individual. Things like racism, sexism, and homophobia are the fault of a corrupt society, not the negativity of the individual. That being said, the Law of Attraction can and should be applied by the individual to day-to-day life in order to make long-term life a more enjoyable experience. 



In the summer of 2020, the idea of manifesting spent quite a bit of time trending on TikTok. While it takes a more “spiritual” approach, the core concept is still the same: you are in charge of attracting the energy you want into your life. An article from Study Breaks entitled “What is Manifestation? Exploring One of TikTok’s Newest Trends,” goes into the purpose of this concept, serving then as an explanation of the practice and serving now as a documentation of the trend that had a genuine impact on the lives of many. They explain that the most common form of manifestation is affirmations: “…written or spoken statements that put your desires out into the universe.” 


Other Methods

  • The 369 Method: Developed by blogger Karin Yee in 2019, this is a method that builds off of the method of affirmations. Write the affirmation down three times in the morning, six times at some point throughout the day, and nine times at night. Repeat this for 33 days, and, according to Yee, you should begin to see your affirmation become a reality.
  • The 33×3 Method: The key to this method is speaking in the present tense. If you want something, pretend you already have it (ie. “I am so thankful to have gotten into my dream school”).Next, like the title implies, you write this affirmation down thirty-three times for three days. Doing so puts out your positivity and gratitude into the universe, implying the universe’s intent to give to you what you have already given thanks for.
  • Quantum Jumping: This method is a bit more physically involved than the previous two, involving the use of two cups, two sticky notes, and a pen. On one sticky note, write down an outcome you are wishing to change (ie. “I do not have a job.”). Place this sticky note into one of the cups and pour water over the top of it. On the second sticky note, write down the outcome you wish to achieve (ie. “I have a job.”). Imagine this outcome is your reality, then pour the water from the first cup into the second cup to visually symbolize the shift you are bringing into your life.


Interview with Tonja Waring, Law of Attraction Coach

1. What got you into the Law of Attraction?  I started watching the movie, The Secret, and I must have watched it 50 times or more.  I found that sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.  In 2009/2010 I signed up for a year long program to become a Law of Attraction coach.  I learned many principles from Abraham Hicks that were applied in the course.  I found that these worked for me and others who I coached.

2. How do you teach on the Law of Attraction?  I’ve developed The Manifesting Process which is six steps to get clear on what you want so that you can bring it into your reality.  The first step is Get Clear on What You Want, the second step is Ask and It is Given, third is Listen to Your Higher Voice, fourth is Take Inspired Action, fifth is Receive to Overflowing, and sixth is Celebrate Your Success.  I’ve taught in seminars, online and through a weekly coaching group.

3. How have you applied the Law of Attraction into your own life? Can you give a specific example?  Random thoughts really don’t attract much of anything of any significance in our lives.  It is important to master your thoughts and emotions in alignment with what you want to have in your life.  I was going through a very difficult time financially being a single mom of three young children.  It was easy for me to be worried or hope that someone else would come in to save my day or hope that a job might fall into my lap.  It took effort to focus on what I wanted.  I wrote journals about what I wanted.  I wrote everything on paper.

I remember praying to God to restore my innate desire for abundance.  Then reading the newspaper for job openings the next day, I became frustrated.  There wasn’t anything that felt right for me.  But, I also became more clear on what I really wanted.  All of a sudden, I knew that I wanted to sell something I believed in – something that would make a difference for people.  A week later a friend told me that he met a guy with a pillow company who needed someone like me to help him grow his business.  As it ended up, this pillow company was exactly what I needed.  I started working directly with the owner, Mike Lindell.  He gave me a job selling MyPillow at fairs and tradeshows.  Together, he and I wrote one of the most successful newspaper ads that was in The New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. I became the infomercial host standing beside Mike, I sold MyPillow on QVC, HSN and The Shopping Channel in Canada.  I used the Law of Attraction to purchase my dream home.  Most importantly, it taught me that I can go from a struggling single mom, that I really can have what is most important to me if I’m willing to change my focus to receiving that vs. just letting anything happen.


Science, Spirituality, and Religion

It is important to recognize that Science and Spirituality are not inherently opposites. In fact, in the right hands, these concepts can actually pair together quite nicely. In an article called “Science and Spirituality” from, Larry Culliford, refers to this relationship as, “a truly deep and intimate engagement between human beings and science, both at the individual level and at the communal level of society.” The application of both science and spirituality in one’s life can open far more introspective doors than either of these concepts being applied individually. Along these lines, religion and spirituality do intersect quite often (as is the case for Tonja Warring). In reality, most people do apply both concepts to their lives, but acknowledging it and doing so intentionally allows for a life that is more fulfilling and built off of a better understanding of the complexities of the unknown world.