Skills Learned Over Quarantine


Mia Cuoio, Staff Writter

Over quarantine, many people found themselves scrambling to find things to fill their time with. Where some people may have been struggling to find something to do over quarantine, some of the Tumwater High School students learned some amazing new skills to occupy their time. 


Brianne Robinson learned how to quilt over quarantine. She says “I made two and have two going currently”. Brianne’s favorite quilt she has made is the Ohio state blue quilt. She likes this one “because I love the traditional look and the tone on tone color”. This quilt took her around 50 hours to make.

Cody Bluhm-Willis says he learned how to buy “a lot of things online, especially stuff from the Taylor Swift store”.


Anna Watters learned a couple things over quarantine, she learned how to make friendship bracelets and also learned some new painting techniques. She says “I learned how to use a fan brush while painting and I also tried some specific paintings using household tools”. Then Anna talked about how she got the idea to make friendship bracelets to give her something to do on a long car ride. One of her favorite bracelets she made was blue, grey, and white, she added a special touch to it by adding a volleyball charm. 


Issac Schilter says “ I spent a lot of time cooking”. One of his best meals he made was spicy soft pork tacos.

Catelyn Aulds says “I learned how to bake and cook delicious meals for my family”. In her family her dad and her grandmother have always been the cooks in the family and they have always encouraged her to cook and bake. However, she was never very interested, although over quarantine she started to have to cook and bake for her family and now loves it. Catelyn states “ My favorite thing that I learned how to bake were snicker doodle cookies; mainly because they are my great-grandmother’s favorite cookies.” One of her favorite things she learned how to cook was vegetable soup for the same reason as the snicker doodles. 

Carl Swain learned how to sew over quarantine. He also states “now I am learning how to play guitar and [write] music”.


Madison Nelson learned some new songs on her piano. When asked how many she learned Madison stated “I lost count 😛 a lot”. Her favorite she has learned so far is “Jiyuu no Tsubasa ”, a popular Japanese song, which translates to  Wings of Freedom in English.

Lee Fangen-Gritis learned a handy skill over quarantine, he learned how to lay down foundation and place stones. Lee says “My favorite thing about laying the stones down is that now we [can] put four of our BBQ grills on them instead of on the ground.”

Morrison Ball spent his time over quarantine learning how to play the drums, piano, and how to write and record music [during quarantine]” Morrison also states “I’m completely self taught and I have always wanted to be a musician, but never had the time”. Quarantine gave him lots of time to learn. If he had to choose he prefers writing and recording music instead of just playing the drums and piano for fun. This is because at the end of all the hard work, “I have something that I made by myself that I can feel proud and accomplished about”.


Brianna Taylor says that over quarantine she learned “how to play ukulele”. Along with learning to play the ukulele she also learned how to play the guitar.  


Sarah Nutu learned over quarantine how to paint. She says “ I actually taught myself how to paint with acrylics by just referencing pictures I had.” Sarah didn’t want to spend a lot of money on material when she first started so she painted on composition notebooks. Sarah states “My favorite acrylic piece I’ve done is the first one I painted by following a Bob Ross video.”

Natalie Manning says that over quarantine “ I learned how to bake more desserts”. Her favorite thing to bake is French macarons. Over quarantine Natalie had one baking fail, she says that “one time I tried to make gluten free cookies and they somehow turned out like soup.”

Jianna Wiedenmeyer says that over quarantine “I learned to garden and now I have three beautiful rose bushes!” Her grandma taught her how to garden and one thing she likes about gardening is having “ the freedom to create your landscape and place certain flowers in different places.” Then of course she loves seeing the roses grow into beautiful flowers.  

As you can tell over quarantine even when it seemed like there was absolutely nothing to do, students from the Tumwater student body learned many new impressive skills. Hopefully this will inspire you to do the same and learn or try a new skill.