Quarantine Projects


Rachael Gibson, Staff Writer

One thing that most people can agree on is that staying at home nonstop can be pretty boring. During the months and months of quarantine having a huge fun project to work on was very entertaining to many people and became a thing all around the world. Whether it was creating art pieces or building a new dresser for your room, having something to do and keep busy was very helpful during odd times like this. 

The month of August 2020 was very fun for me. I had an idea to do something that was pretty out of my comfort zone but I thought, –“it must be done–. My idea was to paint my car a bright pink color, but get this…with spray paint! The process took about 4 days total and let me tell you, it was a struggle. The taping itself took from 7 in the morning to 3 that afternoon.

Of course my brain thought that spray painting my car on the hottest day of the year would be fine. Man, oh goodness was I wrong. Eventually the paint started to crinkle and chip in some spots, but with the trusty help of my good friend Betty Benson, we managed to sand all the spots that got ruined from the sun and make it look a bit cleaner and smooth. There were definitely ups and downs through this whole process but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Now I can live my childhood Barbie car dreams. 

Senior Tumwater Highschool student Noah Vitacolonna was also up for a challenge. 

After interviewing Noah, he spoke about a very special heartfelt gift that he made for his grandparents, “Over this quarantine, I really got into furniture making. I believe I made a total of 8 pieces,” He was able to create pieces from bookshelves to spice boxes. But when it came for his grandparents he knew exactly what would be right for them. 


The final result was a live edge redwood end table.  This masterpiece of his took about two months to create and a lot of hard work. “It was very fun and I love how it turned out.” Noah was able to mention how if you’re not familiar with carpentry then it can be difficult.