THS’ New Hybrid Model


Jianna Wiedenmeyer, Staff writer

            The Tumwater School District is working rigorously to try and get all students back to a somewhat normal school life. As many of you may know, the elementary school kids have gone into a hybrid model already! There are now 1st through 6th grade students living in this hybrid model. Undoubtedly there are still a lot of questions about all that will be going on. For that very reason this article is here to help clear the air of what the future of this school year will look like. Now we do not have all the answers yet, but hopefully this article will help clear some grey area!

            A Google form was sent out to students and teachers from Tumwater regarding their thoughts and concerns about hybrid. A majority said they will be attending school in the hybrid, a few said they will not come back because of concerns, and some still haven’t decided whether they want to go back or not. Many of the common concerns that the students expressed in regards to returning back to school were: getting covid, wearing masks, crowded hallways, and enduring long classes. As well as concerns, there were many positives shared, some like seeing friends and teachers again, finishing senior year in the building, meeting new friends, and finally getting out of the house. The District Office has been working very hard to ensure safety among the students and faculty on campus by improving from the success of the elementary classes back in hybrid.

            There were a few common questions raised among students, and here are the answers to those questions. The classes will still be 100 minutes long, and classes will be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Depending on what group you are placed in, that will determine what day you will be going to class. One group will go Monday and Tuesday; where the other group will attend on Thursday and Friday. Depending on the teacher, you may or may not be on a Zoom or Google Meet while in the classroom; if you are unsure that would be a great question to ask your teachers. Obviously class starting time will have to change because of the earlier start, and every teacher will adjust in their own terms so make sure to check with them.

           Another question was in regards to the two different groups students would be split up into, the answer is that students will be divided into groups based on neighborhoods, sibling groups, and classroom balance. This would be the case so that buses would have a certain area two days so they wouldn’t have to drive all around to pick up individual students. Also the families with two or more students attending Tumwater would be taken into account so they won’t be separated. 

            Another question was asking if everyone has to get the covid vaccine and the answer is no. There is still not a vaccine for kids at this point in time, so no students won’t be vaccinated. Some teachers are choosing to get vaccinated, but not everyone will be getting a vaccine because they either don’t qualify for one yet, or they are opting not to. The last common question was inquiring when school would start in the morning and when hybrid will start. Classes will no longer begin at 8:20 in the morning, they will start at the normal time of 7:40. The hybrid model does not have an exact start date, but the hope is March 15th. With this as well, students going to the school for classes will proceed through a symptom screening each morning. This will require students to arrive on campus around 7:20 because the line will be long with other students waiting as well.  

            Some of the other questions that were asked have been answered by our school already, so if you need clarification or have any lingering questions, Mr. Broome, Mr. Reid, and Mrs. Halterman would be great sources of information. A video is out on the TSD website that should answer many questions you may have, so go check it out.


            This is a very confusing and stressful time for many people everywhere, and this new hybrid model is being set in place in hopes to bring some normalcy to life again. Precautions to keep everyone safe are a top priority. An informative video about how hybrid will work was recently posted on the Tumwater School District website and hopefully that will clarify any questions that may still be unanswered. This is stressful for students, teachers, and the people at the District Office, so remember in these trying times to be nice and know that you are not alone whatsoever. Stay safe everyone!