Community Service Opportunities in Tumwater


Here in Tumwater, there are a multitude of opportunities to participate in community service. Some of these include volunteering as a big brother or sister at the Boys and Girls Club, volunteering at disability rights or child care center, and even coaching recreational sports in your free time. While they do help students meet graduation requirements, community service does have a lot of positive impacts such as enabling high school students to develop life skills and knowledge, and making contacts that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Potentially improving the quality of life of another person is another benefit that encourages and attracts students to serve their community. Engaging in community service provides students with the opportunity to be an active member of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society. 

One great opportunity for high school students to engage in community service is volunteering at The Child Care Action Center where quality child care that is accessible for all who need it is provided. This center nurtures, and creates a learning environment where children can thrive. It also helps thousands of families each year, and encourages the community to support and involve themselves in child care and early education. Another positive aspect of volunteering at The Child Care Action Center is that it offers a variety of training opportunities for students that might want to pursue careers that involve children. 

The Child Care Action Center’s volunteer options are also very accommodating to high school students with busy schedules because you can choose which days and times to volunteer.

To volunteer at The Child Care Action Center CLICK HERE

To volunteer as a coach at the Tumwater Soccer Club, there are a couple requirements. A coach must be at least 15, have a risk management application, and complete each of the following short courses: sudden cardiac arrest awareness, concussion compliance, and safe sport training. For more information CLICK HERE No previous experience is required to volunteer, but it would be helpful. This is a great opportunity for students to give back to their community by creating environments where young kids can develop their skills, and have fun, while coaches are doing something they love. Volunteering to coach is also a very entertaining way to meet community service hour requirements because they can be completed with a friend as co-coaches.

Volunteering at The Child Care Action Center and coaching recreational sports do help students reach graduation requirements, but they also allow students to apply their classroom knowledge to real life experiences, while supporting their community. Both of these community service opportunities are local, and appreciate each one of their volunteers. Don’t wait until your senior year to start thinking about your graduation requirements; start volunteering today with one of these options.