Most Important Childhood Lessons


Ella Jimenez

We all learn a lot throughout our lives. Important lessons are everywhere, and we learn them every day. One of the most important times in our lives to learn lessons is our childhood. As children, the important people around us are always teaching us. Our parents, grandparents, teachers, and peers are constantly giving us lessons whether they mean to or not. We learn a lot as children, and sometimes we don’t even realize it. Students and staff at Tumwater High School have been through a lot as kids, and the lessons they learned have stuck with them to this day. 


The Talon put out a survey to students asking them what lessons they learned as kids. We got 22 responses. Out of these responses, 59% said they had a lesson they learned as a child, and 62% said that lesson is still stuck with them today. Not surprisingly, the person that most people learned their lessons from was their mom and parents. Students shared some very important lessons, such as “treat others the way you want to be treated,” “never be someone you’re not because then you’ll attract the wrong people,” “it’s never too late to make a comeback, and be a champion in life,” and “when someone is working on something, stay out of their way unless they ask for your help.” We also got a couple light-hearted answers, like “don’t run with scissors”, “always wear a helmet”, and “don’t say ‘why me?’, say ‘try me’”. Overall, it’s apparent that students at Tumwater High School have many lessons from when they were kids. 


Mrs. Hall, an English teacher at Tumwater High School, says that one of the most important lessons she’s learned came from a classmate, Greg Lumley, in her Spanish class. One day, her and Greg were talking and at one point, he leaned back and observed, “Man, you are a total pessimist, aren’t you? Why are you like that?” She states that the question totally caught her off guard, and asked him to explain. Greg reminded her that she has a choice in how she exists in the world. She could exist in a place of hope and optimism or live in a place of cynicism and pessimism. She says it was one of the first moments where she realized that her perceptions are hers to create. She profoundly states, “I can choose how to view the world and the humans in it.  I can see people as filled up to the top with hope and potential.  I can see our world as just one more heartbeat from being even better.  Sometimes things are a bit heavy — this past year has been long.  But I often think about Greg and I think about what I have control over. And I make a choice.”


Obviously, there are lots of great memories and lessons associated with childhood. Some of the fondest and most profound memories we experience happen when we’re young. Lessons are all around us, and these few people have shared theirs. You might be thinking that you don’t think you have lessons from your childhood, but you most certainly do. Every day teaches us a new lesson, even if we don’t know it. These lessons shape who we are today. Think long and hard about the lessons you learned, and cherish them for the rest of your life.