Collabing With Celebrities

Collabing With Celebrities

Rachael Gibson, Staff Writer

A way that companies can grow their business and make money is by partnering/ collabing with celebrities. Recently, one will see social media influencers from platforms like TikTok or YouTube create their own products with certain companies so that they can meet multiple audiences which generates more profit for both parties. This can range from Beauty products, clothing lines, perfumes, and anything you can think of. Usually the celebrities and influencers who get these opportunities are the more relevant ones of the time or more iconic individuals that have major fan bases. 


Example of one of these deals is the Charlie and Dixie D’amelio Hollister Jean Lab back-to-school campaign partnership that was released on July 16th 2020. The duo mingled with Science Guy Bill Nye to test out Hollisters jeans to find out the science behind making the perfect jean fit. They were able to pick out the jeans they wanted to promote and give them their official stamp of approval. The campaign involved a contest on TikTok where one lucky winner had a chance to win a one on one meet and greet with the D’amelio sisters. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic not lots of events were able to happen for this launch but they were able to do at least some in-store activities. 


23 year old billionaire Kylie Jenner, as the majority of the population knows, has her own makeup brand that launched in 2014 that started off selling lip kits which included a liquid lipstick and a liner. She was known for her voluptuous lips which started one of the biggest trends on the internet, “The Kylie Jenner lip challenge” which entailed causing suction to enhance the size of one’s lips. At first the brand just started out with lip products but then slowly started transitioning into eyeshadows, highlighters, lip glosses, and more. Eventually her team changed the name of the company to “Kylie Cosmetics” to most likely broaden the brand and expand to meet all audiences for different products. 


This type of marketing is such a huge impactful way for companies to reach out to all types of people, and make a whole lot of extra cash. Through the years of technology advancing to insane levels, social media has been the go-to place for selling, buying, and promoting all types of products. The opportunities for celebrities and upcoming influencers to do these types of brand deals are also endless, and are a great way for themselves to get their name out there and expand their own brand.