Expectations vs. Reality: Graduation


Rachael Gibson, Staff Writer


Throughout our childhood we’ve seen “graduation” type ceremonies on our TV screen, whether it was a Disney Channel show or a netflix movie. The way they make graduation seem is a super long and and sometimes musical process. Even though that looks very fun that is definitely not what graduation really is. 

An example of this is in the “Highschool Musical 3” movie where the main cast were all about to graduate Highschool. In the graduation scene they all start dancing and singing and just having a grand ol time. Even though graduation is very exciting, its nothing at all like that. As much as I wish the ceremony was just our class bursting out into song, its a much more deeper and liberating experience where you get to be with the people that were with you throughout your whole academic career and get to celebrate your accomplishments. 

A couple years ago I was able to attend my brothers graduation. It totally wasn’t what I expected. Despite TV graduations, I always did kind of think it was very serious and a little sad. But truly it was the opposite. Even though yes its a sad time of maybe leaving your loved ones but you’re starting a new path for yourself and moving on to bigger and greater things which should be celebrated. People were laughing, smiling, hugging, just having a great time because they get to share this moment with their closest friends. Being able to walk across that stage and get that diploma seems to be so honoring and just fulfilling.