Where Do You See Your Best Friend in Ten Years: THS Senior Edition

Betty Benson, Senior Editor

The class of 2021’s time at Tumwater High School is coming to an end. The past four years have been a time for building relationships and developing character. The following quotes come from a few pairs of besties that have grown to love each other over the years. When asked where they saw their best friend in ten years, these responses, ranging from serious to funny, were their answers.

Max Henry and Bailey Short

“I see Bailey dating her 5th guy in a matter of 3 months. She still only showers once a week and was a former college drop out. She graduated with her AA at SPSCC after a rough time at Arizona. But now she is running her own food review company and works at the local Tumwater bar, getting paid minimum wage. She is happily about to become a mother of 4.” – Max Henry

“In 10 years I see my best friend Max living in Arizona and not having a job only because he’s retired after 10 years. He’s retired.” – Bailey Short

Jack Campbell and Kaleb Rooney

“I see my boy Rooney fighting fires and rescuing cats from trees. He’s gonna be serving his community to the best of his ability like he is today. Hopefully he will be joining me down in the sunny state of Arizona.” – Jack Campbell

“In 10 years I see Jack working at a high school being a history teacher living in Arizona and playing golf all the time on his free time and hanging with his family.” – Kaleb Rooney

Jaidynn Edwards and Shay Johnson

“I see her [Shay] becoming the best nurse ever and taking the best care of people and hopefully married by then ;).” – Jaidynn Edwards

“I see Jaidynn in 10 years just getting done being a cop and transferring into being a detective.” – Shay Johnson

Luca Angove and Grace Clapp

“I see Grace as a super driven woman right out of law school! She’ll be interning in Seattle at a non profit law firm!” – Luca Angove

“In 10 years I see Luca killing it in med school, working her way towards becoming a dermatologist, and trying to decide which big city to live in!” – Grace Clapp

Libby Boyd and Preslie Bryant

“I see her in a cute little house with a loving husband and a kid. She’s got her own kinda brand thing going and she’s very independent. She’s got a loyal Boxer [dog] that she loves dearly.” – Libby Boyd

“I see her living close to her family with a husband, maybe a few kids.” – Preslie Bryant

Lillian Gundersen and Claire Hoffer

“In 10 years, I see Claire Hoffer just as strong and bubbly as she is now, however with an intense humility towards her 28 year old wisdom. I believe Claire will have graduated college and will have published at least one book, with at least a couple other stories in the works. Though she has not hit the big time just get, Claire’s powerful lyrics and soulful voice, entertains many passerbys and regulars at the local coffee shops she performs in. In a quaint, but stunning house she lives with a cat and many plants and an extra bed for her friends to come stay at, because she is obviously wonderfully hospitable. Overall In the next 10 years Claire will be a wonderful human being, like she is now.” – Lillian Gundersen

“I think Lillian is going to be a renowned performer or a sought after voice teacher who is known to be humble and caring while also balancing being an amazing mother.” – Claire Hoffer

Mia Foos and Emily Sabisch

“Having a successful job living the granola life with kids.” – Mia Foos

“Done with school but definitely still in contact, hopefully at least in the same state lol.” – Emily Sabisch

Jack Jones and Cooper Wall

“In 10 years I see Cooper with at least a few kids and he’ll still probably be in dental school or something like that, and he’ll probably be living in Utah. I’m sure he’ll be a cool guy in 10 years.” – Jack Jones

“I can see Jack in 10 years having a kid or two working as a personal trainer and a coach for a team somewhere in either Florida or Texas because he’s all about athletes and getting them better. And he’s gonna go bankrupt after putting all his money in Bitcoin.” – Cooper Wall