Seniors Playing College Sports

Senior athletes have been working extremely hard their whole lives not only in school, but also out on the field and court. We have many talented athletes at Tumwater and some have made it far enough to play college sports. Only around 7% of high school athletes end up playing college sports, only 2% of that being NCAA Division 1 schools. 


Boys sports odds of playing in college:


Sports: Baseball Basketball Football Soccer  Tennis
Percentage of making any college team: 8:1 18:1 11:1 14:1 27:1
Percentage of making NCAA Division 1 47:1 116:1 36:1 119:1 174:1


Girls sports odds of playing in college:


Sports: Basketball Soccer Softball Tennis Volleyball
Percentage of making any college team: 15:1 10:1 11:1 28:1  17:1
Percentage of making NCAA Division 1 91:1 48:1 59:1 181:1 91:1

Here are some of our talented Tumwater athletes going to college and playing their sport!


Brain Le has been doing track for five years now. He has accepted a full ride and will be attending Western Washington University up in Bellingham, Washington, which is a division two school. When asked what he will be running he says ¨I´m still not 100% sure yet, but I´ll be experimenting from the 200-800m¨. Brain is most excited to meet new people, connect, and compete, doing something he loves.

Nathan Kassler is going to Linfield University, in McMinnville, Oregon to play division three baseball. He says he is most looking forward to ¨Being able to connect with more athletes from around the country.¨

Abigail Bond is attending George Fox University next year, a division three school, in Newberg, Oregon. She got a full ride scholarship and she says she is most looking forward ¨to [meeting] the team and to enter more competitive matches.¨ Abigail has been playing tennis for years now, ever since she was five or six years old.

Cooper Wall, a senior at Tumwater High School will be attending Dixie State University. in St. George, Utah to play football.  When asked, Ainsley Wall, Cooper’s sister, stated “I am proud of Cooper because he never gives up and he is the hardest worker that I know.” She talks about how she will be able to watch him play football once he comes back from his mission he is going on for church. She was extremely sad that the high school season ended. However, she is excited to watch him play in the future at a college level and says “and it’s in Utah so that is always a plus”. Ainsley wasn’t surprised when they found out he was accepted; she says “was not that surprised… he is super smart and athletic and it was bound to happen.” Overall, Ainsley is extremely proud of her big brother and believes he is super hardworking, coach-able, a great teammate, and is also a good player. She is excited to see where college football takes him.


Jacob Schuster, a senior at Tumwater, will be attending college at University of Minnesota, a division one school, to continue playing football. The University of Minnesota is located in Minneapolis. Jacob’s sister, Genevieve says “there are many things I am proud of him for, but I think that [the one that stick out the most is that he] never [gives] up on the goals he sets for himself and completing them throughout hard times makes me [so] proud and I look up to him a lot.” Genevieve will get to watch his games and is quite excited to watch him play especially at this new level. When he was accepted to The University of Minnesota, she wasn’t surprised she said “I know he is a hard worker and sticks to what he sets his mind to.”Genevieve believes that what makes Jacob such a good teammate and player is how extremely dedicated to football and his team, how humble he is, and how hard he works.  

Grady Finny, a senior graduating from Tumwater this year, will be attending Lower Columbia, in Long View, Washington, next year to continue playing baseball. Grady’s mom, Mrs. Finney said that, “I had no doubt he would make it; he may have doubted this at times, but his father and I never did!” She is extremely proud of him for getting through this tough year and finishing strong. Mrs. Finney is most excited for him “that Grady will have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play baseball beyond his school years.  He will make life-long friendships and build a character that comes only from hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship.” She will be able to watch his games next year and is very excited. When it comes to what makes Grady such a good teammate she exclaims that “Grady’s ability to pump up his teammates and encourage them will make him a wonderful addition to his team! 

Overall, Tumwater has some pretty amazing senior athletes. As they go on to bigger better things the student body and staff wish them all the luck! Great job Athletes! Due to Covid circumstances and everything we were not able to get a hold of everyone. Here are some of the other amazing seniors going to college to play sports: Turner Allen is going to Southern University, which is located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, to play football, Austin Sheldon is going to Lower Columbia, a community college, to play baseball, Lydia Jack is going to The University of Washington, where she will be running, and Connor Bourbon is going to Edmonds Community College.


Students playing college sports we didn’t get to interview:

Connor Bourbon

Austin Sheldon

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