Seniors Who Participated in Running Start

Seniors Who Participated in Running Start

Sarah Pettit

Graduating high school is a major accomplishment that should always make students feel extremely proud of themselves for all the hard work and dedication they put into their schooling. What’s absolutely remarkable to think about is that there is a particular percentage of seniors who actually receive their AA degree as well as their high school diploma. These students have spent hours on end completing college level courses while obtaining their high school requirements. Here is what some of THS’s  running start students have to say on their experience. 

In an interview with Hailey Dockery, she explained what the experience was like for her personally. When asked what made her have an initial interest in running start, she stated that “she’s always known she wanted to be a doctor” and that she knew she “had a lot of school ahead of her” so she thought it’d be an advantage to “get ahead of all that schooling.” Hailey also stated that “it was honestly fun taking college level classes as a high schooler because I was challenged and got to choose my own schedule and take classes I had never taken before at the college.” Of course college is tons different from the regular high school environment, and Hailey even further elaborated on how it’s different. Dockery stated, “The high school environment is different because of the people. You know almost everyone at the high school and then at college you might see one person you know walking around but most people are strangers.” Despite the circumstance of not knowing everyone you go to school with at the college, Hailey still loved her time as a running start student. Hailey said, “I feel good having [gotten] my AA and high school diploma. It makes me proud that I completed both.” Hailey also “100% recommends running start for incoming juniors” and it was, “a great opportunity and helped challenge her.”

Another running start student, Brianna Crites, had amazing things to say about her experience as a high school student enrolled in community college. Crites stated, “Running start has been a part of my plan for as long as I can remember. The idea of having half of my college completed and paid for by the time I graduated high school. I knew people who were much older than me who had done it and loved it, so it just became part of my plan.” When asked what it was like taking college level classes Brianna replied, “It was definitely a bit of a challenge to make the shift from high school level courses to college level courses, but I kind of enjoyed the challenge. I took English 101 my first quarter, and I absolutely adored that class. It really helped to shape my running start experience to have a class I loved so much.” She later went on to mention the environment of college vs. high school by saying, “Community college is much bigger than the high school, and with that comes a more diverse population of students.” Crites also said, “there is more room for academic discussion.” Overall, Brianna stated that she is extremely proud of herself, but also quite tired. “Getting my AA has been a long term goal of mine, and it has been a lot of work,” Brianna states, “I would recommend running start to juniors who are looking for something a bit more expansive than the high school environment.”

In conclusion, these running start students have worked so incredibly hard these past two years and deserve all the recognition they can get. As much as it’s rewarding, it is definitely not easy to complete your AA at the same time as your high school diploma. So celebrate these seniors who worked day and night to maintain their goals and requirements. THS is so proud of them!