All About Tumwater’s Favorite Celebrities

The media plays a big part in making celebrities well-known, and making it possible for them to be role models to the public. Celebrities and public figures can have an impact on somebody, even if they haven’t met them. Erica Kastner, a senior here at Tumwater High School, and Zakiyah Thompson, a sophomore both shared how and why they came to love their favorite celebrities. After hearing what they have to say, it is guaranteed you will fall in love with Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles too.  

World renowned pop star, Taylor Swift, is Zakiyah’s favorite celebrity for many reasons. Her life in the spotlight has inspired Zakiyah, along with many others to lead their lives with kindness. Over the span of 15 years Taylor has released nine albums including “Speak Now”, “Reputation”, and “Lover”, and along with that, approximately 200 songs. She has not let her success and busy lifestyle get in the way of building relationships with her fans. Zakiyah mentions how caring and considerate Taylor continues to be to her supporters. Here are some of Zakiyah’s direct thoughts. 

Q: When did you first hear about/start liking Taylor Swift?

A: I started listening to Taylor Swift when I was four years old, around 2008! The rest is history from there, she has truly made an impact on my life and I have met so many sweet people because of her.

Q: What is something that is unique to her that you like/admire?

A: I love the heart that she has for her friends! Taylor has always been so kind and appreciative of her fans. I love that she takes the time to meet her fans for free, likes their posts, and during COVID she sent money through PayPal, to fans to help pay for rent, bills, etc. due to the fact that they lost their jobs.

Q: Favorite song/album/project and why?

A:  I get asked this question a lot and simply can never choose just one album! My top three would definitely consist of “Speak Now”,  “Reputation”, and “Lover”! “Speak Now” means so much to me because it is the first Taylor Swift album that I recall having memories of listening to. 

Q: Have you ever met her, or seen her in concert? 

A: Sadly, I have not yet met her, but in August 2018 she liked a college that I was in so I held onto the hope that she saw my face and we’ll meet when the time is right because she is always looking for new fans to invite backstage or maybe even to her house. I have been to all four of her tours, except for the “Fearless” tour because I was too young! I was also supposed to see her in August of 2020 but she had to cancel due to COVID.

Q: Do you have any cool items that relate to her?

A: Yes! I have a ton of merch that I’ve collected over the past 13 years! My favorite merch item right now would definitely have to be my signed copy of Folklore!

Q: I noticed the quote in your email, “No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.” –Taylor Swift. What does that mean to you?

A: The quote in my email is special to me because it has a good meaning and is from my favorite person! It’s an awesome reminder that we should all think about because no matter what happens you should always be good to people and choose kindness! That’s something that will always impact the people around you. 


Singer, songwriter, and actor Harry Styles launched his career in 2016 shortly after he joined One Direction, and six years later he is still well liked and popular throughout the world. This may be a result of the combination of the respectable work he has done and continues to put out into the music industry, and his influence-specifically to high school aged students. Erica Kastner explains that Harry has inspired her to be unapologetically herself, and to always be confident in herself. Harry Styles is not the most active celebrity on social media, but when he does post it conveys exactly this message. Harry doesn’t let the people of the world put him in a box, he is constantly overstepping creative boundaries, inspiring his supporters to do the same. A senior here at Tumwater, Erica Kastner, shares her thoughts: 

Q: When did you first hear about Harry Styles? Was he your favorite member of One Direction

A: I cannot pinpoint when I started listening to his music, but I know it was sometime during the One Direction era. 

Q: What is something that is unique to him that you like/admire?

A: I love that he has been able to inspire his fanbase to be themselves. He has shown us so much confidence and that one should not care what others think about them!” 

Q: Favorite song/project/album and why?

A: I find it very hard to choose my favorite song or album. I love all of his work, and it really just depends on my mood! I love the story that “Harry Styles” tells, and I love the songs on “Fine Line.” I love the energy that “Carolina” brings and the emotions “Fine Line” (the song) brings!

Q: Are you excited for the film “Don’t Worry Darling” to be released?

A: I am so pumped for “Don’t Worry Darling.” It’s so exciting seeing him branch out of his musical career once again!

Q: How has Harry Styles impacted your life? 

A: Harry Styles has shown me that I can be whoever I want to be. I can love who I want to love. And I can be myself, without having to worry about what others think about me.