As this school year comes to an end, the upperclassmen here at Tumwater High School that plan on attending a college will start exploring scholarship options. The purposes of scholarships are to financially support a student’s education when they are unable to support themselves, and to reward them for their academic achievement, and other requirements they met from the scholarship. There are plenty of helpful resources on the Tumwater Homepage that give useful tips to use when applying, provide information on financial aid, and include direct links to scholarship search sites. 

Navigating the application process can be very difficult, but these few tips will certainly lighten the load. First, apply early; the sooner you apply, the sooner the stress goes away. When your classmates are struggling because they procrastinated until the last minute to apply for scholarships, you will be stress free and very grateful you applied early. Another thing that will help you get selected for scholarships is an excellent letter of recommendation. A few keys to a stellar letter of recommendation are asking someone who is not in your family that you have made a good impression on, and making sure you proofread their thoughts before submitting the application. A student’s GPA also plays a big part in whether a student gets chosen for a scholarship or not. Your hard work during your highschool career should show on your GPA.

There is a small fee that must be paid before applying, but the reward of being selected makes it worth it. College is quite expensive, so every ounce of help a scholarship provides should be taken advantage of. Scholarships are made to support students’ education, the College and Career Success Foundation is just one example. College Success Foundation “provides a unique integrated system of support and scholarships to inspire underserved, low-income students to finish high school, graduate from college and succeed in life”. Visit their website to see details.  

If you are able to, apply for multiple scholarships to increase your chances of getting selected. Counselors and teachers here at Tumwater High will gladly give you assistance if you are struggling with scholarships. Don’t wait! Visit the websites listed below to explore possible scholarship opportunities, and to be informed on the college and career resources at your disposal. 

Click HERE to explore possible scholarships!

Click HERE to learn more about college and career resources!