Pride Month: Some people consider this to be a controversial term these days. But why? The beginning of the controversy starts with the hatred for homosexuality stemming from Christianity and conservative speakers. The importance of pride month is to celebrate being able to openly express sexuality and gender after being oppressed for so long. Taking the month to show how they overcame the adversity is a big step towards equality for practices of all sexualities.


During the summer of 1969. Police raided The Stonewall Inn bar in Greenwich Village, a bar known for being a safe place for homosexuals. After this raid happened, riots began. At the time, the lgbtq + Community had not yet been as open with their sexuality or identities as they are today.


        In the late 1970s, the Rainbow colored symbol was first recognized, which was used as the first pride flag ever. Sexuality was symbolized by hot pink, life was symbolized by red, healing was symbolized by orange, the sun was symbolized by yellow, nature symbolized by green, art symbolized by blue, Harmony symbolized by Indigo, and spirit symbolized by violet. Artist Gilbert Baker from San Francisco to sign this flag while the community uses it worldwide. Now we use 6 colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. In 2017 the rainbow flag added the black and brown to symbolize trans women of color. Then later the flag added the left-most triangle with the colors for transgenders of color, becoming the current pride flag.


        The beginning of our pride month was supposed to be for people who were in the “closet” (secretive about their sexuality) Or proud to express their sexuality. Not only was the lgbtq + Community participating, but allies as well. Pride events have held thousands, if not millions of people. And Olympia, they have held a pride parade every year (until covid that is). With pride month being a way for expression, it’s very important that we celebrate it every year.


Among the LGBTQ+ community, there are a great many flags for each specific sexuality. With the rainbow colored flag for general pride being the most prominent, there is flags such as the gay flag which is shades of green, white and blue. The lesbian flag is a color scale from orange to purple. While these main flags are seen more commonly, there are still flags that don’t get the light they should deserve even during pride month. Two such examples of this are the polyamorous flag which is a blue, red and black flag with the symbol for pi in the center to symbolize the unlimited aspects of the sexuality, and the aromantic flag which is a green to black color scheme to symbolize a desire not to have a relationship at all.  


The first time any pride month was recognized was between 1999 and 2000 when former president Bill Clinton established “Gay and Lesbian pride month” to be a national event. Later on during former president Barack Obama declared June to be LGBT Pride month during his term. The first pride march was held on June 28, 1970 in New York City. As this was the start of people coming out and admitting that it’s okay to be gay, this is a very significant event in starting to build up to a safe way to practice whatever you desire.