Personal Feature: Social Media

Social media is something that is a huge part of most people’s lives. Some people would say they don’t even have a life without it. It is what has made so many people’s careers take off, what has made it possible for people to meet and reconnect. Social media is a blessing and a curse. Here’s why.

I was 13 when I was allowed to have a phone, and with that came Instagram. I remember posting 5+ times a day, posting about things I thought were funny or that I liked. The longer I had the app, the more I realized that it wasn’t “cool” to post more than once a day, or even every day. I started posting not when I wanted to, but when I felt like I had to. Instagram became almost like an obsession, trying to see how many likes I could get in one hour, how many people followed me. It was only a matter of time until the app became a toxic environment.

It is such a normalized thing for tweens and teens to have all of these different apps. TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. As much as I sometimes think these apps are toxic, I too use them constantly. Halfway through the Covid-19 pandemic, I deleted my instagram account. It had just become too much. I was spending too much time investing in situations and drama that weren’t doing me any good. I was seeing things I didn’t want to see, and it honestly ended up hurting me in the long run. I figured if people really wanted to talk to me, they would be able to text me. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it is something that I don’t regret.

Social media can have many benefits as well, it’s not all negative. Social media is a way for people to share their talents and interests to the world, in just a single tap of a screen. It opens up the world for entertainment and news, which are very important. It seems impossible to imagine what our world would be like without social media, even though the majority of our parents didn’t even grow up with cell phones!

How many people really use social media though, according to real statistics? “In 2020, there are 3.96 billion people actively using social media in the world, and this is an increase of 10.9% year-on-year from 3.48 billion in 2019. Back in 2015, there were only 2.07 billion users – that’s an overall increase in users of 92.76% in just five years.” (


It is clear that social media is expanding its users every single year. And again, this could be both a positive and a negative thing. Whether or not you use social media, you should always remember to stay true to yourself and your own intentions. What you see may not always be reality, and what you hear isn’t always true or productive. Take care of yourself and try to make sure you know what you can handle when it comes to being online!