Haunted Places in Washington



           Are you looking for somewhere to visit this Halloween season? Well, Washington is the host of many spooky places. Even in these crazy times, these places remain open and are big tourist attractions. Below, you will find some of the most popular haunted places in Washington state! If you are interested in getting a supernatural thrill this season, consider checking these places out.


Northern State Mental Hospital

Jianna Wiedenmeyer

           Looking for a spooky place to visit this Halloween? Luckily, Washington has a plethora of thrilling spots to see. One of the most popular haunted places in Washington is the Northern State Mental Hospital in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. It was opened in May of 1909 because the other asylums in Washington were too full and they needed room for more people. Unfortunately, many were sent there with minute neurological disorders, such as ADD and ADHD, which at that time there was very little research regarding these disorders, leading to the unnecessary admissions of those people. They used cruel methods like electroshock therapy and lobotomies to try and cure mental illnesses. The electroshock therapy method is where a small current of energy passes through your brain; a lobotomy is a surgical procedure where they cut the front of your brain open. It eventually shut down in 1937. The spooky history makes this a pretty common tourist attraction and many claim to see ghosts around the area. One of the ghosts seen is the spirit of an old man in a wheelchair with a nurse pushing him (Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Washington). But the most common one people see is a little girl holding a red ball, and another ghost searching for her (Northern State Mental Asylum in Washington). So if you are looking to go somewhere that’ll get the hair on your neck to stand up, you may consider checking out this abandoned asylum. 


Hotel Sorrento 

Vanessa Pizana 

           Hotel Sorrento built in 1909 is one of the oldest hotels in Seattle, and is also one of the most haunted locations in Washington state. This historical hotel is a home to the ghost of Alice B. Toklas. Alice Toklas was known for her writing and had three books; she studied at University of Washington. Alice never set foot in the actual hotel itself so it’s uncertain why she chose her afterlife home to be there (Kevin Kniestedt, Ghost of Alice B Toklas Still “Alive” and well at Hotel Sorrento). Toklas has been seen moving glasses in the bar, guests also sensed a strong presence of her on the fourth floor especially by room 408. Guests say they have seen the ghost in the hallways wearing dark colored vintage clothes (Jenna Stanek, Seattle’s Most Haunted Hotels for Ghostly Vacations). This hotel still operates today so, If you want to be spooked out I would definitely go to Seattle to check out this hotel!


Black Diamond Cemetery              

Alex Garcia 

           Interested in haunted locations well this is one haunted place in Washington. Black Diamond Cemetery is the most haunted cemetery in Washington state. There are many sightings there but there one thing in particular that people usually see. They claim to see a miners lamp now in 1912 a miner named Luigi Pagani had an accident and was buried in the cemetery. Now that could only explain why people have seen coal miners walking around and their lamps. There has also been reports of seeing a white horse wave in and out of grave tombs, weird right. They say you mainly see these things on foggy nights. Someone wrote a review saying “I went with some of my friends although it was 4 pm and the sun was still out, It was still creepy. When you’re there you get a sharp headache and your chest will become very heavy. We heard trees snapping and whispering too.” ( feeling sick “wa haunted houses” Black Diamond Cemetery) Now there is not too much I could find but visiting would be the best bet. And if you find anything make sure you post it, happy Halloween and please be safe.


           As shown above, there are some pretty spooky places in Washington. Some other bone-chilling sites include Starvation Heights Sanitarium, Campbell House, or the Tacoma Old City Hall. If you choose to visit any of these places this October, make sure to social distance and wear your mask. If there are any spooky places around, don’t hesitate to inform us; also if you have any photos of you during Halloween, you can submit those to Journalism too. Remember to stay safe and have a happy Halloween!