Covid-19: Pros and Cons of Sports


Kate Ryle, Staff writer

Covid-19: Pros and Cons of sports

Covid-19 has taken this year in a completely new and unexpected turn. Mostly everything has been shut down, if not, it is too risky to go anywhere! One of the biggest problems that has come from this with kids at Tumwater is sports. Sports are a huge part of high school for many students, but this year, quite the curveball was thrown at everyone!  made the Tumwater High School cheer team but haven’t been able to practice because of the uncertainty of safety. As someone who experienced this firsthand, I recognize that covid has made practices, games, and athletic activity in general tricky and possibly dangerous.

 In this article, we get to hear from two students on their input about their sport! 

Jacob Schuster, a senior at Tumwater High School, is on the football team. Jacob has been playing football since the second grade, and now plays defensive and offensive positions for the T-birds. He says joining a sports team was bound to happen because his family has always been into sports. Football has been a very big impact on Jacob’s life. “A lot of my biggest life decisions so far in life have been taught to me while playing, and it has developed me into the person I am today,” He says. Jacob is currently attending football practice at Tumwater High School. “I am a little nervous, but I feel like if we take the right precautions, and everyone is honest, we can make it safe for everyone.” Jacob feels it is challenging to wear a mask during practice because “it’s another thing I have to worry about during practice.” Even though Jacob wishes this weren’t the case, he knows he has to “remember the situation we’re in.” When asked if he feels it is safe to be practicing, Jacob said yes. Although he is comfortable, he can recognize that it can be “taken advantage of” and could put people at risk. Jacob feels some positive outcomes of practicing during Covid-19 are “being around my team. To be honest, that’s all I can think of, besides the fact that I can play.” He feels some of the negative impacts are “that we’re at risk of not being able to play, and also because of the COVID protocols, but safety first.” Even though Jacob is attending practice and is comfortable, he is keeping himself and others safe while still trying to stay positive!


Chloe Gappart, also a senior at Tumwater High School, is on the dance team, and has been dancing for eight years. What she enjoys most about dance is “performing for big crowds and competing.” Chloe feels it has impacted her life by helping her become more confident and “less nervous when talking or dancing in front of crowds.” Chloe says practice has been going on for a few weeks at this point. When asked if she is nervous about practicing, she says she is not because “we all take the necessary precautions when in practice and out of practice.” She definitely feels it is challenging wearing a mask during practice, but she’s “getting more used to it now.” Chloe feels that if everyone is “taking Covid seriously and following the rules, it is safe to practice at this time.” Some perks of dancing during this challenging time for Chloe include “not losing any of the skills that took us so long to get, and it’s nice to leave the house now and then. She says that the only con would be that the teammates have to split up into groups, so she can’t talk to and see everyone on the team during practice. Although there are difficulties, dance is clearly one of Chloe’s biggest passions, and she is doing a great job at keeping herself and others safe while still having fun!


This year has been one for the books for sure! Even though things are different and school activities are being compromised, it is still possible to make the best of the situation we are in!