Dating During a Pandemic


Rachael Gibson, Staff Writer

 2020, as we all can agree, has been a rollercoaster of emotions and events. It has especially been an odd time for couples, because we went into quarantine and stayed in lockdown for a couple months. Being in a relationship these past months could either have been pretty easygoing, or tremendously difficult. Interviewing a Tumwater High School couple would show how young adults are managing being together during this crazy year. 

To find out the scoop on what’s been happening with relationships, I chatted with Caden Fine and Chloe Gappert. The two have been officially a couple for a little over three months but have been talking since the beginning of the year, Chloe says her ”first time meeting him was on [her] second day at Tumwater, and Emily [Knight] introduced me to him.” What a pre-Covid date would’ve looked like for them would be a nice little outing for ice cream (without masks of course) and maybe a movie. Initially the quarantine did put a damper on their relationship… Caden says, ”we couldn’t see each other forever! Her parents didn’t want her going anywhere.” Because of the lockdown, everyone had to pretty much stay put and not go anywhere unless totally necessary. If Covid-19 didn’t exist, the couple stated that they would definitely be hanging out more, but they know the circumstances and are very understanding of it and want to make sure each other are safe. 

They both enjoy each other’s company very much and love seeing one another. ”If I could describe him in one word it would be humorous. He can always make me laugh and smile.” Caden mentioned how compassionate Chloe is and how she also can make his frown turn upside down. Going through this new Covid life, they feel that they have been dealing with it pretty well. Since the lockdown consisted of lots of Facetime calls and texting, it really tested their relationship, and, if anything, has made it stronger. We all can relate to the fact that, whether you’re in a relationship or not, these are different times, so staying connected with your friends, family, boyfriend, or girlfriend is very important and needed.