Travel During Online School


Mia Cuoio, Staff Writter

Travel During Online School

By Mia Cuoio


Participating in online school during the pandemic has opened up many opportunities for travel. Students are now able to attend class all over the world, no matter where they are, thanks to online school. Due to this, people have been able to travel a lot more for sports, family vacations, and to just get out of the house. 


AJ Heichelbetch, a sophomore, traveled to Kauai, Hawaii, in November. Even though he has traveled all over the world, this was his first time going to Hawaii. AJ traveled to Hawaii with his mom for fun, to get out of the house, and to explore. He states that with Covid going on, “[it] has made it harder to travel; we had to get tested for Covid 72 hours before we left.” AJ and his mom also wore masks everywhere they went to be safe. Even though they had to do these things, he is still glad he got to go. Although they went for six days, they packed their days full of fun things to do! AJ’s trip consisted of swimming, laying out in the sun, shopping, tubing, hiking, and eating a bunch of food from food trucks. AJ says that his favorite thing he did was trying new foods, and his favorite food he tried was a papaya! During their trip AJ decided not to do his online school work and plans to catch up on it when he gets home. All though there might be some worries about doing it this way, AJ is not worried at all. AJ excels in all of his classes and plans on being caught up soon!

Alexandra (Xan) Miller, a Junior, went to California to race and to explore new places. Xan is a micro sprint racer and she races a micro 600. In this sport, you race these cars around an oval shaped track trying to be the first one around the track.This car goes about 60 mph, and is a navy blue color. Xan traveled to California with her two parents and brother. While they were there, they traveled all over California going from race to race. She says that her “favorite thing we did was racing [which] was the main reason we went”. During their trip in California, they went to many races, but her favorite was one in Lemoore. In one of her races she even placed 8th after starting in 17th! During their trip, they took the precaution of wearing masks, because there were way more Covid cases in California. Back in Deming, Washington, (right by Bellingham) Xan says “we have weekly Friday night races usually only in the summer, but during the winter we can run winter series. Xan has done a great job of keeping up with her grades and has almost all A’s! She was thrilled that because of Covid online school has been the main option. It’s given her the opportunity to travel around California for three weeks, race, and be able to keep up with classwork.

Over the course of online school, Mr. Price, one of the science teachers at THS, went on a vacation to Denver, Colorado. He went to a small town in the Rocky Mountains called Hot Sulphur Springs. Mr. Price says that, “[He] traveled there with three of [his] good friends (other dads) from Olympia.” They traveled there for a 4 day men’s retreat to help be better dads, husbands, and people! Mr Price’s favorite thing he did was spend quality time with his friends, socially distanced, of course. While he was there he stated that they “talked a lot, played a lot, cried a lot, and shot each other with paint balls.” Since Mr. Price was traveling during Covid, he had to take some special precaution to stay safe. While they were traveling, they wore masks on the planes and in cars. They also wore masks when they were inside and then had three days where they got temperature checked. The staff at the ranch administered this to make sure no one had a high temperature. When asked if Mr. Price was happy that Covid had opened up opportunities to travel; he said no. This is because he was nervous that by traveling being open it would open up more opportunities to get Covid. He states that “My wife and I strongly considered me not attending the retreat and were mostly nervous about the potential exposure at the airport and on the airplane. Although the tickets were very cheap… We have really limited our travel outside of this singular experience.” While on this vacation Mr. Price was able to have his students just do asynchronous work, so he could enjoy his trip, but still teach! He also responded to any emails from kids if they needed help. Mr. Price did a “great job of having students continue to learn and yet still have fun on his trip” says an anonymous student. With all of the precautions, Mr. Price said he was able to have a safe and enjoyable trip where he was able to bond with other dads!

While on his trip Mr. Price went fly fishing! 


Remote learning can be very difficult at times, but it’s all worth it because being online has created plenty of wonderful opportunities, such as being able to travel! Students and teachers all over the world can do online class from anywhere, all you need is the internet and WIFI. With this being the case, students and teachers have been able to visit family members, go on family vacations, and get out of the house and explore.