Student Life Outside of School


Student Life Outside of School

By Sarah Pettit


A large number of students at THS have many hobbies, activities, and participate in community work outside of school. As much as THS is known for sporting events such as football, soccer, and basketball, a lot of students participate in sports that have no involvement with the school. For example, Black Hills Football Club is a very well known soccer club from Tumwater, Washington where the soccer players are from schools such as Tumwater, Black Hills, Olympia, North Thurston. Aside from sports, students who are more into performing arts are involved in dance, singing, acting classes, music lessons, and art classes not affiliated with Tumwater High. Doing hobbies outside of school is a perfect way to interact with different people and expand your friend circle. It also provides a great way to branch out and expand your mind and talents independently.


One of the students who participate in outside of school activities at Tumwater High School is Noah Mahlon. Sixteen year old Noah is a self-taught, award-winning photographer. He sells prints, is very successful through social media with 11.2k followers admiring his work. On instagram, Noah mainly photographs the beautiful nature of the Pacific Northwest, although, he has recently been experimenting with portraits of friends of his. 


When Noah Mahlon was younger, his family traveled a lot because he was born into a military family. He lived in Hawaii and then Europe and traveled to dozens of countries. He claims, “I take photos to remember amazing experiences around the globe and share my travels with others to enjoy.” His favorite part about photography is “being able to create something very unique,” and that there are, “many different things to photograph and the right photos  can bring beauty to unexpected places.” Mahlon has been doing professional photography since the summer of 2020, but really started practicing photography in November 2018. Noah stated that the most rewarding part of photography is, “being able to look back on past photos to see how much you have changed,” and, “having a tangible measurement of your growth is truly amazing.” 


Although his hobby has been a complete success, he did mention there have been some difficulties surrounding Covid-19. Noah answered, “Covid-19 has prevented me from going on several photography trips and has halted a very large project I am currently working on.” But on a more positive note, he did say that Covid helped better him as a photographer with taking, developing, and scanning film photos. When asked if he would like to continue photography after high school, Noah replied, “I really want to continue photography through schooling but photography is a very competitive field and very few make it on top. I will be very grateful if I have a career around photography.”


As Noah Mahlon has shown us above, doing outside of school activities can really help you expand your knowledge and meet new people. Independent success is also very rewarding and can help you pursue passions that you personally have a love for and enjoy doing. It is quite obvious that students at THS are unbelievably talented, goal-oriented, and artistic and it’s so exciting to see the creative projects students take on outside of school.

The images attached are Noah’s pieces of work, and you can find them on his instagram page @pnwnoah.