Birthdays during Covid


Vanessa Pizana and Ella Jimenez

COVID-19 has affected everyone across the world in many different ways. From local businesses going out of business, shutting down schools, and making masks mandatory. Covid has affected everyone’s way of life. This virus is making everyone across the world appreciate everything they did prior to the pandemic. One event that many people had taken for granted before this, is one everyone experiences birthdays! 2020 has completely changed the way people look at planning occasions like birthdays, weddings, funerals, and more. 

When surveying students at Tumwater High School about their own birthday experience during Covid-19 and got some amazing feedback. Overall 37% of students say that they celebrated with a few friends and family at their home, while another big proportion, “being 21%”, say that they celebrated just with family at home. 

One anonymous student from Tumwater High School explains that the biggest reason they chose not to have a party for their birthday this year is because they are afraid of passing COVID-19 onto their high-risk grandparents. They say this experience didn’t change their perspective much, as they’ve always enjoyed celebrating with just a couple friends or family. They explained that a drive-by birthday was “just up their alley”, as they still got to see some friends and family in their cars, and  then ate cake and ice cream with their household members.

Another student from Tumwater High school decided they would have a party during the pandemic because they knew everyone that was coming was being “cautious about the virus”.  This students perspective did change on birthdays because they had to “think outside the box” and come up with creative ways to celebrate that was Covid safe. They also said that no people out of town came so they wouldn’t have to worry about more exposure to the virus. In the end they were glad they celebrated in person for their 16th birthday because “technology can be difficult and complicated” in their family, so a virtual party was not an option in their head. They believe they did their best at having an in person party safely. 

This pandemic has taught us many things. We have learned and felt so many emotions we had not prior to this pandemic. Birthdays are quite important to people, as shown above. A Birthday is something we have celebrated since we can remember, so to many of us celebrating it is a “huge deal”, and if we are not able to it is sad. Many people have come up with no-contact solutions like a drive-by birthday or celebrations via Facetime or Zoom, but nothing is even close to being right next to your birthday guests.