Favorite Christmas Traditions


Jianna Wiedenmeyer, Staff writer

          Believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us and it is time to start spreading the holiday cheer! As the festivities start, many have been getting their Christmas on! Getting a tree or setting up an artificial tree, decorating, stringing lights, baking, and so much more. This year has been hard on many families and teachers in our communities, but this is the season of giving and spreading joy. Hopefully, many will find great excitement no matter what they have gone through this year. Knowing that many families enjoy different aspects of the season, it makes one wonder what are the specific traditions that others enjoy the most. To find out more about the THS community, a survey was sent out and here are some of the favorite parts of the season as reported by students.


           In the survey that was sent out, sixty people participated and the answers were unique and fun! The first question was as to whether or not the participants liked Christmas; 71.7% of people said, “YES!” and 28.3% said, “Yeah it’s alright”. No one in the survey said they didn’t like Christmas! The chart below shows some of our students favorite traditions.


           Natalie Manning, a freshman at Tumwater, says her favorite part of Christmas is seeing her family, “my grandma from Oklahoma comes and then we all go to my other grandma’s house with my cousins on Christmas.”   


           Ben Morgan, a freshman from Tumwater, says his favorite part about Christmas is celebrating Jesus Christ’s birthday; “my family reads the Christmas story.”


           A sophomore at THS, Mia Drake’s favorite part about the holiday season is her step mom’s homemade advent calendar. “She works really hard… and they’re all really cute or well thought out gifts.”   


           Ryan Weston, a sophomore at THS, says his favorite part about Chritstmas is playing in the snow. “We used to live in southern Oregon… (and) we would have a giant snowball fight with our extended family.”


           Ainsley Wall, a junior at THS, said her favorite part about Christmas is being with family, celebrating Jesus, and the presents. “We decorate in November and have five full-size trees… and we eat chicken pot pie every Christmas Eve and watch White Christmas.”


           A junior at Tumwater, Max McElwee’s favorite part about Christmas is secret Santa. “In the Christmas’ of the past, my dad and I would almost always go to a big Christmas party that (his) job would host and we would all have a gift that we (would) bring.”


        Riley Foster, a Tumwater senior, says his favorite part about Christmas is decorating the tree. “I love seeing the pretty lights and I enjoy setting (up) the tree filled with past memories and my family watches the Polar Express every Christmas Eve (while) drinking hot chocolate.”  


           A senior at Tumwater, Arianna Crawford, says that her favorite part about Christmas is making gingerbread houses. “I love just buckling down with an amazing idea and watching it fail completely.”


           For many, this holiday season will look very different than in the past years, but there are still plenty of activities that can be done to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. A safe way to see the delightful lights is to drive through different neighborhoods and admire the decorations from a distance. Another way to have fun with those in your house is to make ornaments. All you need is some clear plastic or glass bulbs, and some paint, glitter, foam balls, or anything that you’d like to put in it. It’s a fun way to get creative but stay safe as well. Another activity that is entertaining and fun is making gingerbread and sugar cookies. This is a fun way to get creative and to stay active through this pandemic.


           Although with all that is going on, it is not impossible to still enjoy this season while staying safe. Many are having a hard time enjoying this season because spending the holiday with family is, for many, not possible with all that is going on. But there is still joy to be spread and this season is a time to get creative and spread love to everyone around you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family. Stay safe out there!