Senior VS Freshman

Vanessa Pizana, Student Writer

You walk into Tumwater High School as a freshman and are awaiting all of the first experiences as a T-bird. Four years later, you walk out as T-bird alumni, with so many memories, experiences, and friends you will cherish for life. While freshmen are experiencing their first moments of high school, seniors are experiencing their last moments of high school. High school can be an adventure for many students, due to the workload and social aspects. After interviewing both students, Shay Johnson and Hannah Stark, a lot of insight was given, which you will notice. 

Freshman, Hannah Stark, said the #1 thing school has taught her so far is to “slow down and study harder”. High school makes her feel tired but she still “gets work done”. Hannah usually spends “three hours” a day doing school work. She is most looking forward to “going back to in person school” when it’s safe to do so. Her current goal is to get all good grades. She wants to be in the Military as a mental health therapist. She sees herself having a good job. When asked, Hannah said that her favorite part about Tumwater High School is that they make sure “you’re getting the most out of it”. She predicts that her senior year will be very relieving for her.

When chatting with senior Shay Johnson, she had quite a few things to say. First she said the #1 thing high school has taught her is “to be strong and stand up for herself”. High School makes Shay feel stressed because the workload is so much, and she has at least “two hours of school work” a day to work on. The thing she is most looking forward to is “crossing the stage” and graduating. If she could go back in time and give her freshman self advice, it would be “to take high school more seriously” and study for important tests and quizzes. Her current goal is to pass all her classes with A’s and B’s. Shay wants to be a Registered Nurse. Shay sees herself going to a community college to become a nursing assistant. Her favorite thing about Tumwater High School is how all the students have so much spirit, pride, and how we all get so “hyped” for the football games. 

Based on what Shay and Hannah said, high school is a great time. They both agreed that the workload can be intense but if you work hard and study you will be on the path to future success. Shay said the key to success is to focus on yourself, keep a small group of trustworthy friends, and most importantly not let others opinions and comments affect you. High school is quite a journey that takes a lot of time and effort. You have four years of high school to learn and grow so much as a human, so enjoy the ride because the years sure go by fast.