How To Stay In Shape With The New Covid-19 Guidelines


Kate Ryle, Staff writer

Covid-19 has turned our world as we know it upside down. A lot of sports and regular activities people would normally do have been canceled or extremely restricted. How can people stay in shape and keep up good habits while staying inside the guidelines of Covid? Two T-Birds will be commenting on what they’re up to, and will also be looking into what certain influencers are doing!

Kaari Little, a sophomore at Tumwater High School, has been quite busy with her quarantine activities! To stay in shape, she has been doing personal training, soccer practice, and online gym classes. Kaari has been doing these activities because “working out is extremely important to maintain my mental and physical health.” Kaari also wants to play soccer in college which is why she wants to keep up with it now. Kaari says these activities make her feel “positive and empowered in a time where so many things have been taken away from us.” After Covid restrictions are lifted, Kaari says she will continue to do these activities. It is clear how passionate Kaari is about sports and staying in shape in general!


Zach Summers, a Junior at Tumwater High School, has been staying in shape by solidifying a workout routine. Zach’s routine consists of upper/lower body and cardio. He started doing this because of football, and needing to “get into shape” so he could compete with the other players. Zach feels that these activities make him feel stronger because “I’m working at my own pace and at my own strength.” He can admit although he enjoys working out, it can feel lonely at times. “Mentally, it gives me a boost of confidence and makes me mentally stronger to never give up.” Zach says. “Physically just makes me stronger, have more muscular endurance, and just more endurance in general.” Zach plans on keeping up with a workout routine even after Covid restrictions are lifted, but he also plans on doing different workouts that he may not have been able to do before!


If you are stumped on finding ways to stay in shape during quarantine, there are people you can look to for guidance, such as social media influencers! There are hundreds of influencers who make workout videos, dance, and give tips on how to stay fit and healthy. One influencer that comes to mind is Chloe Ting. Chloe is an Australian fitness and health Youtuber. She has 16.2 million subscribers! Her videos focus on fitness follow alongs, tips and tricks, workout trials, and so much more. Another way to stay in shape and have fun is to get a few friends to do virtual workouts with you! Working out alone can be challenging, having friends to help motivate you can make it so much better. 

When you hear the phrase ‘staying in shape’, you might just assume fitness. In reality, during this difficult time, it is also important to keep your mental state in shape. With no extra curriculars, no in person socializing, and no usual normal activities, it is hard to remain motivated and healthy. Having a positive mindset is key to staying happy and healthy. Ms. Gibson, a staff member at Tumwater High School, has shared her insight on keeping a positive and healthy mind throughout all of this craziness. She was asked to make a quick yoga video for staff, and many loved the idea and requested that she make more! “Moving relieves stress, promotes positive thoughts and feelings, and improves all of the body’s systems and brain activity!” Ms. Gibson encourages students and staff to get up and move a little. “Find something you like- dance, play, run, walk, yoga etc… it all works wonders.” It is important to maintain physical and mental well being during this difficult time

These are some ways to stay in shape during Covid! Remember that even though this is a difficult time, it is still important to take care of yourself and your health. Be safe and have fun!