K-Pop Rising

K-Pop Rising

K-Pop: a huge part of this generation’s Korean culture awareness and modern music. From the choreography to the extreme costuming, as well as the stories told in the lyrics, and even the years and years of training each K-Pop idol goes through before debuting; it is no surprise that this genre has come to be idolized by this current generation and continues to gain more and more followers and fans each month. But how in the world did K-Pop become what it is today?


K-Pop originated in the early 90’s when three talented Korean boys that specialized in singing, dancing, and rapping debuted as “Seo Taiji and Boys.” It didn’t take too long until this group became a phenomenon and caught the public eye. The band won the Grand Prize at the Seoul Music Awards, which is where most K-Pop groups are formed (Moonrok.com). Billboard also reported that Seo Taiji and Boys’ first three albums sold over 1.6 million copies each and their fourth album nearly reached 2 million copies. They are highly regarded in the K-Pop industry as “the pioneers of the genre” by modern K-Pop groups.

In today’s world, a huge number of people across the globe are in love with this genre of music. Two of the most beloved K-Pop groups of this generation are BTS, a boy band of seven members, and Blackpink, a group of four girls. Both bands are known for their singing, dancing, and rapping. BTS first debuted in 2013, after training under BigHit Entertainment, and has released huge hits such as “Dynamite” and “DNA.” According to ChartMasters, the boy band has sold over 20 million records worldwide, and has done three large tours, touring in North America, Europe, Korea, and Japan. Their largest arena tour, however, was at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles, with a capacity of 90,888 people.

At the moment, one of the fellow K-Pop groups, Blackpink, has gained much recognition for their fun, upbeat, and unbelievably catchy music. The extremely famous and successful Korean girl group first debuted in 2016, after training under YG Entertainment, and has been increasingly gaining more and more popularity overtime. Netflix has even released a documentary dedicated to these four ladies, called, “BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky.” These women are also highly intelligent and speak multiple languages and have a successful business savvy. One of the members, Lisa Manoban, is also the most followed K-Pop star on all social media platforms of all time. 

With all the costuming, lyrics, culture, and talent, K-Pop has already had an extensive impact on this world, with over 37.5% of people saying in a survey by an anonymous user on Quora, that K-Pop is very popular in their home countries. But what is truly brilliant about this, is the always-increasing numbers of new K-Pop fans each year. It is very important, though, to acknowledge the dedication and drive the K-Pop idols have for their career, for this is what truly made them successful.