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Spring Sport’s Success’

            With the beautiful spring season just starting, some sports have been able to continue on through this confusing time. At Tumwater High School, sports have been able to continue with some significant limitations and regulations such as a smaller group of spectators, wearing masks while playing, having to be socially distanced in the stands, and a shorter season. But despite these changes, the sports are still able to continue on in a somewhat normal way. The spring sports this year lasted for a span of 5 weeks, not including districts. The sports that had just finished were girl’s tennis, boy’s baseball, fastpitch, boy’s soccer, track and field, and girl’s golf. 


            With each of these sports taking place, the Talon decided to ask each coach about how their season went overall and how the unique season impacted them as the head coach. An email of questions was sent out to the head coach from each sport and their responses are below. The head coach from the track and field team did not respond, so Coach Stray sent me his answers, but there was no response from Coach Johnson. 


            Jim Click


            The girls tennis team did really well this season, they were undefeated in all their league matches. Coach said that the team was smaller than most years with 35 players, about a “40% drop” from the previous season. Their overall record was “12-1”, with a loss in a non league match against Capital High School. Abby Bond, a senior and the #1 singles player on the team, made it all the way to districts, and became the district champion! For coach Click, he was just “super happy to be able to coach kids outside.” Congratulations to the whole tennis group for having a remarkable season. 


            Boy’s Baseball

            Lyle Overbay 


            The boy’s baseball team also did remarkably well this season, with a record of “15-3”. Coach Overbay said “we had 42 players … for [varsity], JV, and C team.” A little bit of a smaller team than previous years. But the team had 13 seniors on the roster. The coach said their season went really well and “we ended Chehalis’ league winning streak of 49 straight wins.” That’s incredibly impressive. The team made it to districts and placed second overall. For coach Lyle, he said the season went much better after the mask mandate was not as restrictive because “wearing a mask would cover some of their site to field the ball”. They were able to play safely while being spread out on the field. Congratulations to the whole baseball team for ending the season on a high note.



            Ashley Andrews


            The fastpitch team for THS had a great season overall. Coach Andrews stated “we started slow, going 3-3 the first time through our league schedule, but ended the season … 5-1.” They won their first postseason game and then lost the second game after a long battle in extra innings. The coach said there were about five less players that turned up this year, but their entire team was made up of twenty-six girls. Their overall record was “9-5” which is amazing! The team made it to the league tournament but they were one game shy of making it all the way to districts. The coach said the season was “definitely different … when masks were required it definitely changed the overall feel of the season.” Ultimately the fastpitch team ended on a good note and had a winning season.


            Boy’s Soccer 

            Brett Bartlett 


            The coach of boy’s soccer was very optimistic about the season and how it went overall. “Our season was a good one … we took NOTHING for granted … [and] the boys showed tremendous character, grit, and team spirit,” coach said. The boy’s soccer team was substantially smaller than previous years the coach observed; this year they had “32 players … [and] 2 squads, usually we have about 55-60 boys and 3 teams.” But despite having a smaller team, the varsity team finished the season “11-0-1” which is a killer season! Coach Bartlett said the team “won the Pioneer Cup (over BHHS), Evergreen Conference, and the District 4 Championship.” And the JV had a shorter season but their record was 4-1. The team, as a whole, had 21 players on the district roster this year in their victory. Coach Bartlett said “this [season] was a really great experience” and that despite the various rule changes throughout the season, “the joy of being on the field with [the] team was much greater.” The coach’s overall outlook on the season was great and he said “[he] felt blessed to be able to have a season”. And the boy’s soccer program had a phenomenal year full of successes.


            Track and Field 

            Jordan Stray


            The track and field group for Tumwater also had a remarkably successful season this year. Both the boys and girls went undefeated in all their track meets for the season. And “the boys won the League Championship … and the girls took 2nd.” The team also made it to the District Championship where the boys took first and the girls took second there. One school record was made this year by Natalie Sumrok, in javelin. “Sumrok threw 135-10 to break the record by 3 feet.” The team this year was smaller this year with around “70 athletes total”; in previous years it was closer to 90-100 athletes. A total of 34 students made it to districts from their events. For Coach Stray, “the season went very well … we had great weather this year for our track meets.” Overall the track and field team did really well this season and placed high in the ranks.


            Girl’s Golf

            Andy Beagle


            According to Coach Beagle, the season was “AMAZING.” For Girl’s golf this year, there were “8 people on the team” which is less than previous years. The team finished with a record of “6-0 [which is the] second undefeated season in a row for the team!” The team also made it to districts and placed second overall. There were 5 girls that made it to districts, “Lily McCauley, Kaari Little, Chloe Staudt, Haleigh Proctor, and Sammie Jasper”. The first four girls made it through to the second day of districts. Lily McCauley won the district championship for the second time in a row with an “impressive 19 strokes!” Even with a smaller team, Coach Beagle was “grateful just to be able to have a season. Wearing a mask may seem inconvenient but it is a small price to pay in order to play.” Great job to the whole golf team for ending with a very successful season, again.


            Overall each spring sport had an incredibly successful season despite the strange and unpredictable year. All of the coaches and players seemed to have a good attitude even though the mask mandate was bothersome when it was in place. But congratulations to all the players and teams who placed very high! 


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Spring Sport’s Success’